Active People

This site provides free online tools to encourage you to keep walking, running or cycling. It includes an exercise log to help you track your mileage. You can choose anonymous walking and running partners with your same goals and track their progress along with your own. (If you know your friends ID number you can follow them too). We can send you Emails when you don't meet your weekly running goal and when one of your running partners passes you.

We have designed a transcontinental virtual trip across the United States. Each time you enter your mileage, we add it to your total and show you exactly what you would see if you had been traveling from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon. For example, if you ran two miles one day, walked four miles the next, and cycled six miles on the third day, you would see the views at 2, 6, and 12 miles west of Yorktown on days one, two and three. We also provide maps that show your progress and the progress of your running partners. You can also form teams to race across the United States.

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